Josie Adele Design Energetics inspire a regenerative lifestyle, wellbeing, and purposeful design to age well into later life!


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OCTOBER 7th- NOVEMBER 22nd, 2021

This guided 7-week experience is made for anyone interested in creating an online learning program that deeply touches people and invites deep connection and conversation.  Led by Sutra and I will be a small group Guide.



Renew your body and refresh your home!  This 3-day clean living experience is energizing and revitalizing- just what we need to finish 2021 rejuvenated!  A deeper awareness to our surroundings creates increased resiliency, clarity, and peace.



Have you tried all the things? Let's start with your space and evolve over 7 weeks into living more healthy, more sustainably, and resetting your body to have more energy, vitality and capacity for joy. 

Hi, I'm Josie

We get to design our lives every day!  Josie Adele Design Energetics (JADE) guide a holistic path to greater health through our living spaces. By applying ancient wisdom with modern technologies we can regenerate your vitality, increase your energy and optimize your wellbeing.  

It is part of my greater vision that we take the nurturing, inspired, rejuvenating, kind, loving people we are at home out into the world.  This envisions that home is all of these things for every being.  My mission is to guide a sustainable path for getting us there.

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"Jade is uncorruptable & most exquisite in nature."
-Liu Ming, Book of Changes

Life has many facets.
I love discovering the gems we need to shine like the gems we are!

From the Earth's natural abundance
You receive more energy, more life &
Ambition to do what you love

Organized by simplicity.
Regeneration of stagnation
brings greater clarity.

So you can enjoy life ,
Family &friends in the
Beauty of the Earth

By applying my AAA Approach we can achieve greater vitality, more beauty, and a longer, healthier life for you.

"Working with Josie was a delight.  She clearly outlined the steps that I needed to take for positive change to take place.  Each activation I completed I have felt a positive shift in my health and relationships.  Things are more serene in all areas of life."

Oakland, CA

"I had been working on my living room for 2 years. Josie walked in and immediately saw a configuration that I had not tried and I love it. Since she helped with my new arrangement, I have experienced new love and clarity around some major life decisions!"

Carson City, NV

"As soon as Josie pointed out what it was, I could see how the shift would help. In a few days I have been more motivated than the first few months in my new place. My space is so much more generative and fun!"

Denver, CO

Speaking of healthy bodies:

"Natural products will actually outperform synthetic elixirs because they are gentler and don't strip the skin."  This is true for our JADE Living PRETTY products, all organic & sun-produced ingredients deeply nourish your skin.

From An Article, 'Why natural skin products have an edge' Published in Delicious Living  August 2021  by Carime Lane

JADE Living PRETTY Botanical Body

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