Uplifting home environments
& busy minds
one element at a time

The Informative Science  

Our living spaces impact our health, wealth, & happiness every day

Are you a business owner working from home?

Circa 2000 85% of our waking lives were spent at work

2020 our work lives had 
increased to 92% of our day

In 2021 the metro home-based workers tripled while 
the rural work-from-home community nearly doubled

HOME is our most precious place

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
– Albert Einstein

Improved Cognitive Function, Performance, Relationships, & Wellbeing

 "I have had the pleasure of working alongside Josie throughout the pandemic and have appreciated her positive perspective and uplifting energy. She brings joy to a space and can brighten one's day! Her passion for wellness and creating healthy, vibrant, and nourishing spaces for us to thrive in is so needed right now."   Gaia B. Ashville, N.C.

 "Working with Josie was nothing short of profound. Full of knowledge and wisdom, she is skilled at reading energy patterns and collaborating on artistic ways to create new energy flows in areas where there are challenges. She is generous with her time and holds a respectful, nonjudgmental container for the work she does. When I’m in Josie’s presence, my energy feels brighter and more brave. Josie is a leader who is excited to make a difference in people’s lives, on both the individual and larger social-justice levels. She is making a difference, and creates a lot of beauty in her wake!"  Ahni B. Eugene, OR

 "Josie Adele has a love and lightness of Being that is transferred in her support of beauty and balance for your body and home. Weaving the elements of nature with clarity and passion, you are shown steps to a life you may have only dreamed of. Modeling transformation with her own life experiences, Josie is an inspiring partner to catalyze a fulfilling life!"    Loree O.B. San Diego, CA

Uplifting benefits are experienced from day one

Hi, I'm Josie

With special attention to the body and home we can live longer, stronger, and happier. I'd love to guide you on a new path through your home and discover how you can improve your focus, gain better clarity and increase productivity while working from home!

Creating inspiring, regenerative, & treasured paths for soul-filled living is what I love to do.  Together, we design an integrated system that supports your day to day with what you need to improve health, wealth, relationships, or clarity.  Clearing clutter physically and emotionally renews your life force and invites opportunity.
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Increase livelihood & prosper

Improved cognitive function

Increased productivity

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Feeling overwhelm, burnout or lack of clear vision?  
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     >Energize the body & mind for more momentum
     >Improve cognitive function  for greater productivity


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"Jade is uncorruptable & most exquisite in Nature."
-Liu Ming, Book of Changes

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