Gems to empower your body &
organize your home!

Did you know?

In the year 2000 approximately 85% of our waking lives were spent at work.  

Fast forward to 2020 and this number had increased to 92%.

Add being a work-from-home boss or employee
to the equation and we can affirm that
The Most Important Space
to optimize health & happiness is

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

What people have experienced working with me

 "I have had the pleasure of working alongside Josie throughout the pandemic and have appreciated her positive perspective and uplifting energy. She brings joy to a space and can brighten one's day! Her passion for wellness and creating healthy, vibrant, and nourishing spaces for us to thrive in is so needed right now." 

Gaia B.
Ashville, N.C.

 "Working with Josie was nothing short of profound. Full of knowledge and wisdom, she is skilled at reading energy patterns and collaborating on artistic ways to create new energy flows in areas where there are challenges. She is generous with her time and holds a respectful, nonjudgmental container for the work she does. When I’m in Josie’s presence, my energy feels brighter and more brave. Josie is a leader who is excited to make a difference in people’s lives, on both the individual and larger social-justice levels. She is making a difference, and creates a lot of beauty in her wake!

Ahni B.
Eugene, OR

 "Josie Adele has a love and lightness of Being that is transferred in her support of beauty and balance for your body and home. Weaving the elements of nature with clarity and passion, you are shown steps to a life you may have only dreamed of. Modeling transformation with her own life experiences, Josie is an inspiring partner to catalyze a fulfilling life!"   

Loree O.B.
San Diego, CA

Uplifting benefits are yours from day one

Prosper on and live
strong to enjoy life
with those you love.

Organized simplicity can
regenerate focus for
greater clarity.

Forces of nature
optimize sustainable
source energy.

Hi, I'm Josie

We are all precious gems. With special attention to the body and home, a JADE Gem becomes brilliant, powerful, and resilient! I'd love to guide you on a new path through your home and optimize your life to shine️!

Creating safe, treasured spaces for soul-filled living is what I love to do for busy, over-worked minds.  Traditional Feng Shui helps to guide a personalized path of potential.  Added concepts of preventive healthcare and mindful movement structure an integrative approach yielding a regenerative lifestyle and a life you love.  
Scroll down to book a call or apply for the 90-day space session to energize, revitalize, and beautify your body & home.


Let's create harmony together!



Feeling a little rough around the edges in life?  
What have you tried?  
Therapy,  a new workout, dieting, tapping, meditation, chanting...all the things?
 Here is something new!
Step into a 90- day home & body rejuvenation
*Limited seasonal sessions

Ready for renewal?

This session is informed by integrative health and detoxification of the body & home to further regulate our mental and physical wellbeing.  Feng Shui consult not included.



Revive your body and refresh your home!

This 3-day or 3-week (you choose!) clean living experience
 Just what we need to finish 2022 rejuvenated! 

Discover Your Relationship To Your Home



Relate to the greatest potential in your home!

This session provides your relationship to the directions in your
home, rental, or potential new home.  
INSPIRATION for health, wealth, & happiness
A great way to understand how space may support your dreams!

You have the potential to shift into into a positive 
force that can last long into the new paradigm

"Jade is uncorruptable & most exquisite in nature."
-Liu Ming, Book of Changes

A Gift For You~
Sink into some EASE with Earth energy

It's not only about playing in the dirt, it's genuine  goodness for your body & home!

Ready to explore your potential?

Begin your journey towards greater harmony today!