When Your Body & Home
Are In Harmony
You Experience Connection
To Yourself As Never Before

Life has many facets.
I love discovering the gems we need to shine like the gems we are!

Hi, I'm Josie

We get to design our lives every day!  Many of us are on a perpetuating wheel of discovery for health and harmony.  I am here to guide the way through our 3-dimensional spaces. By integrating principles and elements of design, wellness, personal development and feng shui, we can regenerate your vitality, increase your energy and optimize your wellbeing through space.  

When I am not discovering new space gems I will be dancing, gardening, cooking something delicious in under 30 minutes, Zoomin' with friends, snuggling my kitty Solstice, soaking in hot water or hiking a trail- just a few of my favorite ways to experience life! Click below to read more on my inspiration and vision.                

Be Well & Live Brilliantly                        

3 ways to
Renew Your Space & Rock Your Resilience in 2021

Wellness Walk

Igniting your health and wellness is a day away!  
Energetics will shift, clarity and cognitive function will improve.  We will walk through your living and/or working space to assess chemical and environmental toxins.  As your energetics begin to shift you will feel refreshed, realigned and optimized!

Space Activation

It's feng shui the healthy way!  
We will wash away stale & stagnant energy by shifting into an environmentally supportive space.  Optimize your energetics  around a specific intention- health, stress, relationships, prosperity.  Assessment of your primary living and/ or working space will reflect design and activation potential. 

Rejuvenating Re-SET

Experience the ultimate Spring Cleaning!  
You will get to know your primary living and working spaces intimately! Over the course of 3 sessions we will assess toxins, energetic pathways and organization.  You will thrive with renewed energy, clarity and intention.  Find and experience freedom in a life that you love living!

"Working with Josie was a delight.  She clearly outlined the steps that I needed to take for positive change to take place.  Each activation I completed I have felt a positive shift in my health and relationships.  Things are more serene in all areas of life."

Oakland, CA

"I had been working on my living room for 2 years. Josie walked in and immediately saw a configuration that I had not tried and I love it. Since she helped with my new arrangement, I have experienced new love and clarity around some major life decisions!"

Carson City, NV

"As soon as Josie pointed out what it was, I could see how the shift would help. In a few days I have been more motivated than the first few months in my new place. My space is so much more generative and fun!"

Denver, CO

Simple, nourishing food for the body and
plastic-free totally reusable or recyclable packaging.  

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