My Journey

Design Beyond Drapery

Nature is my muse.

While I love beauty, textiles and finishing touches, I design beyond pillows and drapery.  What I have reflected on in my design experience, over the past two decades, is that the spaces we surround ourselves in shape us and can further optimize health and wellbeing.  Our living and working environments impact how well we do our work, how well we care for ourselves and our families.  My process of ReNEWell is 'regenerative living design' and it is inspired by the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Understanding that change is constant and that every moment provides us with an opportunity to return, to choose anew and to live well.    

My mission is to uplift the human experience by activating healthy spaces for busy Beings in the modern world.  As humans, we are complex by nature, exponentially evolve through industry and yet continue to seek health and harmony.  I believe harmonious and regenerative living is a result of a healthy space which includes: organization, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, healthier relationships, better health, increased confidence, prosperity and more.  This holistic approach to space and your wellbeing focuses on curating a healthy, supportive and regenerative space where you experience freedom to live well in a life you love.  

Experience in thousands of living and working spaces has empowered me to design for and educate on human health and the sustainability of our planet.  My formal education is in Sustainable Interior Design from the College of Applied Human Sciences at Colorado State University, the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui and the International Well Building Standard.  A forever student, my SIP experience has been enriched with education and understanding on how to connect, and more deeply relate, to others through the online space.  I have experienced with clients and co-creators that remote transformation is possible!

Our influx of industry and early onset of chronic illness has inspired my activism and promotion of clean foods, clean air and the Preventative Healthcare Revolution.  This activism, combined with my passion for design has inspired the ReNEWell approach I now use in creating healthier lives for people.  I believe that shifting our spaces can lead to recovery that is necessary on a global scale.  We can shift the outside to heal the inside!   I have had my own journey of wellness in my life and I look forward to providing you with more tools to transform and uplift yours!  

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