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Do you ever wish you had a simple list of all the things....at least the things that contribute to living a healthy lifestyle?  I often have and so I became a forager.  I have hunted and gathered for much of my life to find the gems that would allow me the most freedom to live while being mindful of my wellbeing and the planet.  The POD is the result, a simplified guide to living a healthy life in the modern world.  I find it to be the foundation of the work I do.  Activating organized spaces in order to experience greater harmony ultimately begins with you.
Engage in our world of gray matter.  Energy that is made from both the light and the dark.  Life is more vibrant when we live in the light.  And as health is wealth, I look at health as being on the bright side.  Join me in a healthy pod, where we energize and live our brilliant lives.  Respond to your human need to regulate and react with humanity and the planet in mind.  Simplified and saving is a brilliant way to thrive!

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Josie Adele

Josie Adele is a designer and educator on integrating health & wellness with our living environments.