Resourceful Energetic Engagements

Uplifting the human experience one element at a time.

Regenerate & Relate Workshop April 28th

For Goodness Sake is a spiritual & wellness center in Truckee, CA and I am elevated to be sharing this workshop series with them!
In theses interactive workshops we will review gems that help us to harmonize, how our environments shape our resilience and what it means to intimately relate to your living and/ or working environment.
100% of contributions will be contributed to FGS.  

Healthy Living Re-SET Guided Experience April 28th- May 15th

This group experience is going to be fun, energizing and revitalizing- a lot of what we need to move forward in 2021!  Join with an open heart to connect more deeply to your self through your space.  Engage with an open mind to evolve and more deeply relate to others.  Open hearts and engagement are necessary steps as we Re-SET as a collective! This will be a safe and intimate space to do it in.

POD- Coming May 9th

Are you ready for simple tools to help you thrive?  The Powerful Optimization Directory is coming soon!
In this downloadable guide I provide over 20 years of experience and research on the most simplified, sustainable gems that  provide us the freedom we need to live a healthy lifestyle.  
Proceeds support Habitat for Vitality, providing healthy space consulting for minority communities.