Resourceful Energetic Engagements
Fall- Winter 2021

Of The Earth Workshop
Earth Self in collaboration with the Alef Trust Foundation, U.K.

Join me as I co-facilitate an online session that supports connection with the Earth in a virtual space.   Tabitha is a co-creator I met during a Transformational Teaching online experience this spring and I am honored to be a part of this research.
It will be a small group interactive experience.  This experience is part of a group study supported by the Alef Trust Foundation in the U.K.  


Renew your body and refresh your home!  This 3-day whole living experience is energizing and revitalizing- just what we need to finish 2021 with verve!  Join with an open heart to connect more deeply to your self through your living space.  
Engage with an open mind to evolve and more mindfully coexist with the Earth.  Open hearts and engagement are necessary steps as we Re-SET as a collective! This will be a safe and intimate space to do it in.


Have you been through recovery or still recovering from 2020 and ready for a change?  You have tried all the things and although recovered from that thing, you are still lacking motivation and inspiration?  
Let's start with your space and evolve over 7 weeks into living more healthy, more sustainably, and resetting your body to have more energy, vitality and capacity for joy.
We can transform your recovery into RENEWELL.

Uplifting the human experience one element at a time.