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Do you identify with any of these?

I often feel dull and/ or like my energy is zapped

My house depresses me and/ or I feel unmotivated

I need more time in the day to do what is good for me

It is easier to choose unhealthy options at this time

I need a step by step guide to the things that can help me feel good again

Have you experienced any of these?

Mid-life strife

Work From Home


Empty Nest


What is included in a JADE Space Session?

A path to better living with greater energy for your body, peace at home, &
a bounty of prosperous business ahead

Month 1

  • Mindset Momentum

Month 2

  • Long Life Optimization

Month 3

  • Personalized Prosperity Plan

Month 4

  • Seasonal Integrations

Month 5

  • Energy Centers

Month 6

  • Attunement & Goals

Imagine what it will feel like
when energy shifts and
anything is possible

Dear Friend,

For centuries, there have been basic needs that we require to rise and shine as humans.  Today, we need all the things like friends, family, & technology in order to live a fulfilled modern life. 

   May we remember: "put your oxygen mask on first" is the solidarity act of Self that enables the collective to rise.  When individuals shine, collectively we thrive, and this is living!     

I've been in tough transitions and felt lost or without vision, then discovered a path to me again.  Let’s reorganize and clarify your living environment so that it supports you to not only enjoy but love life!  Today, I am committed to creating a safe space to optimize your life!