PRETTY BREATH Swish provides your mouth with the anti-bacterial cleansing and refreshing it often needs.
Formulated with organic ingredients that are produced by the sun, not in a laboratory.    
Enhanced with tea tree oil* to deep clean your teeth.  
The essence of orange & mint essential oils uplift and awaken the swisher who is always Pretty!
Recyclable or reusable jar & lid with removable label.
A little goes a long way!
*This product comes only as a free sample with purchases over $50.  

The recipe is very easy and can be made at home, or while traveling in less than 2 minutes.
1 C Distilled Water
10 Drops organic tea tree oil* see my personal dental story below
15 Drops organic orange essential oil
 20 Drops organic mint essential oil
1/4 t Himalayan salt
1/4 t  Xylitol

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My story about the dentist and benefits of tea tree oil:

In 2016 my dentist of 14 years in San Francisco told me that I needed a deep cleaning of a tooth- you know, one of the upper ones behind the front teeth that bite into most of our food.  He told me the deep clean would cost around $675.00.  I told him I wanted to try something and come back in 6 months to see if it worked.

When I returned, he was very quiet checking my gums.  Usually, I would hear him call out numbers "2, 2, 3, 4 (you really don't want 4's and 5's ;).  This time he was silent.  I sat with much anticipation of his response.  He patiently stood up, removed his gloves,  and said to me "Well, Josie keep doing whatever you're doing because your teeth and gums are in good health."  Whoohooo!  Isn't that what we always want to hear from our dentist?!  Yes!  Yes! Yes!  (Note, he would not admit to the toothpicks being the reason because he had warned me of using wood on my gums- what am I going to use- plastic?  No way!)

I was so relieved to get this positive response from my dentist  AND I had an extra $675 all for under $4!  That's right, what I did was start using tea tree oil toothpicks after every meal...ok, most meals ;).  Like many things, it wasn't hard but it did take commitment and the willingness to do something different than I usually did.  So I invite you to try something new, to look past the thought of it being hard or different and trust that it just may be the next best thing for you and your journey to better health!